Oriole Nation Booster Club Brat Fry

July 12, 2018

The Oriole Nation Booster Club is a group of parents, District staff, and community members that have banded together to create a single, collective group that supports and fundraise revenue for our local NFDL School District. This group works hard to infuse pride and greater the success of students within the district while providing them with an exceptional experience throughout his or her attendance in the District. The revenue generated from this event’s food sales will be used to support athletics, clubs, arts, events, groups, and scholarships. Your support makes a huge difference in the lives of our local students.

NFDL Booster Club Show Menu (Serving 10am–4pm)
Regular Brat $3.50
Cheddar Brat $3.50
Jalapeño Brat $3.50
Hamburger $3.50
Cheese Burger $3.50
Hot Dog $2.50
Bottle Water $1.00