Kelley’s Country Creamery will be bringing the sweetness to this years show

July 27, 2018

The Kelley family dairy farm was not content on just making milk; they wanted to do something a little sweeter. Tim Kelley has lived on his dairy farm for almost all his life, being the fifth generation farmer along with his children. The Kelley family has been farming on their land for over 150 years, and it’s that family tradition that allows the dairy to come straight from the cows they raise on their farm.

Karen, Tim’s wife, dreamed of owning an ice cream business and she is grateful that he risked the family business of farming in order to make her dream come true. People from all around the globe now come to Kelley Country Creamery, as it has won numerous awards throughout the country. The Creamery serves hundreds of thousands of customers a year and makes 400 to 600 gallons of ice cream each day.  Tim and Karen’s four children continue to help make the ice cream dream a reality, by creating everything from scratch….right down to the desserts including brownies, cakes, and of course the ice cream.

Kelley Country Creamery continuously comes up with new flavors, over 350 different kinds to be exact. They even have created a special Open Road Harley-Davidson flavor that includes brownie pieces and orange sprinkles.

During the Heroes, Horses and Hogs event at Open Road Harley-Davidson, Kelley Country Creamery will be showcasing four different flavors, and the Open Road flavor is of course included in that mix. Come taste for yourself what the sweetness is all about on August 4th, 2018.