Heroes, Horses and Hogs Welcomes Tim Smith and His Rare 1972 Mach 1 Classic Mustang to This Year’s Show!

July 31, 2018

The best way for Tim Smith to release stress is driving his 1972 Mach 1 Classic Mustang.  A kind of therapy that is unmatched just by hearing the roar of that Cobra Jet engine and reaching 60mph in 4.3 seconds.

A native to Waupun, Wisconsin, his passion for Mustangs was fueled at the young age of fourteen.  His father was the one who had introduced him into the sport. Tim’s first Ford was a 1967 XL LTD Fast Back High Performance 289 that he purchased for only $150 while working on his uncle Ray’s farm.

Tim’s favorite Ford experience was the opportunity to drive his uncle Larry’s 1957 Thunderbird in his Senior year Homecoming Parade.  He drove a foreign exchange student from England in the parade. She found out what American Muscle meant verses England’s beloved MG’s on the route back. Nothing like the sound of a 312 Y block 3 speed manual overdrive to inspire anyone.

Inspired by his family, Tim prefers older classic Ford cars yet today.  The technology that went along with these models makes them more authentic in his eyes. Tim is a certified master mechanic, and the allure of his 1972 Classic Mustang has the quality, the power, and the performance he was looking for. In reflection of Henry Ford, Tim feels that the innovation and creativity was always there from the very beginning. Mustang owners now can still lean onto that support from where Ford came from and build onto it for future generations.  They are reliable vehicles and the longevity of the brand has outlasted most all others.

Tim has owned this ‘72 Mustang for five years. He is the proud third owner and will be the final owner he states. Tim found this Mustang in Dearborn, Michigan under the shadow of the Dearborn Ford Motor Company plant where this mean machine was built. Originally sold in Kentucky it had made its way home. It has the original one of 398 engines and dealer stock parts. Only 336 of these Mach 1 machines were created, and currently 52 survivors are listed.

We welcome Tim and his 1972 Mach 1 HO R code “Drag Pack” 351Cleveland Ford Mustang to this year’s Heroes, Horses and Hogs event at Open Road Harley-Davidson in Fond du lac, Wisconsin on August 4th,, 2018. Spectators will have the opportunity to see this beauty up close and personal all weekend in the dealership’s showroom. For more information, visit